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This is revolutionary vape equipment that is made of a proprietary plastic thats 25% hemp ! This plastic will biodegrade after being disposed of unlike most plastics in the world! The first of its kind for our industry and we are happy to bring our farm blends to you in a very tasty way!  


Our Delta 8 Disposable is 850mg per Unit. 

- Full Spectrum infused at an 8:1 custom blend D8:CBD.

- This unit is rechargeable and a Full Ceramic coil - 100% heavy metal safe. 


Flavors: Super Lemon Haze,  Blue Dream, Terple Berry Kush, BoZo 



- T1 x Spectrum = (CCC BoZo) 

  BoZo is a very earthy / diesel profile and sure to help aid you in your quest for comfort and enjoyment of a burst of flavor like no other! Settle in for a calming effect and smooth flavor as this new profile brings new boundaries to vaping. 


* Terpleberry Kush* (NEW CCC HYBRID) 

- Therapy x Spectrum = (CCC Terpleberry Kush)

 Terple Berry Kush is a gushing burst of earthy, sweet berry, floral pop that will keep you coming for more! This is a new team favorite!  Dont just trust our word, TRY IT !


*Super Lemon Haze* 

  The terpene profile of Super Lemon Haze is primarily lemon forward made for an uplifting experience that can asssist in boosting creativity with an energetic yet relaxing effect.  


*Blue Dream*

  The terpene profile of Blue Dream is a sweet blueberry essence that yields euphoric and creative experiences for all. This well known variety is known for its flavor and mood enhancing abilities. 

Delta 8 - Hemp Stick - 8:1 - D8:CBD

$25.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
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